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List Description
212admins 212 admin outage notification list
221-datacenter-ops 221 data center operations
221-datacenter-wg 221 datacenter working group
240-datacenter-ops 240 datacenter operations
240-datacenter-wg 240 datacenter working group
240cafe Building 240 Cafe Announcements.
abaqus-svn Developers and users of the ABAQUS SVN repository
acv-users Argonne Cloud Virtualization Users
amf2build ARM AMF2 build coordination
anl-computer-security This is a list for computer security announcements.
anl-iaas-poc This is a list for announcements and discussions regarding the Argonne Infrastructure as a Service Proof of Concept
ANL-IGSB-Research-Club ANL IGSB Research Club
anl-linux-users Argonne Linux User Group
anl-macintosh-announce This is a list for announcements for the ANL Macintosh users.
anl-macintosh-discuss This is a list for discussions among the ANL Macintosh users.
anl-mirror-users Argonne Software Mirror
anl-mscyber List for Microsoft to announce cyber security issues.
Anl-msdc-admins Communications for ANL employees who are responsible for domain controllers
anl-mspatchnotify Microsoft Security Announcements
anl-svn-trac-users This is a list for announcements and discussions regarding the BIS SVN and Trac service.
anl-wiki-users Wiki announcements/discussions
anl-windows-admins-announce This is a list for announcements for the ANL Windows administrators.
anl-windows-admins-discuss This is a list for discussions amongst the ANL Windows administrators.
ansys-svn Developers and users of the ANSYS SVN repository
asw-organizing-committee asw-organizing-committee
AVTCAlumni This is a list for the AVTCAlumni.
B241 This is a list for building 241.
bike This is a list for bicycle enthusiasts at Argonne.
biz-modernization-ceridian Business Modernization, Ceridian
biz-modernization-oracle Business Modernization, Oracle
biz-modernization-workday Business Modernization, Workday
box-admins Box file service administrators
BRMs Business Relationship Managers
CAB This is the BIS Change Advisory Board mailing list.
casper-admins Those who run our enterprise Macintosh Management Service (Casper) .
ceridian Ceridian
ceridian-clocks Ceridian Clock Project
ci-cd-cop Mailman list for BIS CI CD Community of Practice
cis-aide-reports CIS AIDE Reports.
cis-backup-reports This is a list for reports relating to CIS backup schedules.
cis-business-review CIS Business Systems and Code Development Review Committee
cis-cfg-mgmt-admins changes committed to the SSM SVN repository
cis-citrix-admins CIS Citrix Administrators
cis-citrix-developers CIS Citrix Developers
cis-datacenter-admins BIS Data Center Administrators
cis-db-admins This is a list for CIS Database Administrators.
cis-desktop-admins This is a list for CIS Desktop Administrators.
cis-desktop-support This is a list for CIS Desktop Support.
cis-dhcp-admins This is a list for CIS DHCP administrators.
cis-doccenter-admins Administrator mailing list for Oracle WebCenter Content
cis-dr-steering CIS Disaster Recovery Steering Committee.
cis-dr-team CIS Disaster Recovery Team.
cis-drupal-admins CIS Drupal Admins.
cis-e911-admins Mailing list for E911 system admins
cis-email-services Admins of CIS Email Services (Exchange)
CIS-Enduser-Support CIS End User Support
cis-exchange-consolidation CIS Exchange Consolidation Project
cis-google-admins CIS Google Administrators
cis-infra-review This is a list for CIS Infrastructure Review Committee.
cis-ipv6-support This is a list for CIS IPv6 Support.
cis-java-admins This is a list for CIS Java administrators.
cis-lamp-farm-admins CIS LAMP Farm Administrators
cis-lamp-farm-alerts CIS LAMP Farm Service Alerts
cis-lamp-farm-users LAMP Farm announcements/discussions
cis-linux-vm-users Announcements/discussion of CIS Linux Virtual Machine service
cis-medical-admins CIS Medical Application Administrators
cis-mirror-admins Argonne Software Mirror Admins
CIS-Mirror-Alerts This is a list for the CIS mirror alerts.
CIS-Mirror-Subscriptions This is a list for the CIS mirror upstream subscriptions.
cis-mysql-alerts CIS MySQL Service Automated Alert Emails.
cis-mysql-developers CIS MySQL Service Developers.
cis-net-admins This is a list for CIS Network Administrators.
cis-oracle-alerts CIS Oracle Service Automated Emails.
cis-oracle-developers CIS Oracle Service Developers.
cis-oracle-emerg CIS Oracle Emergency
cis-oracle-reports CIS Oracle Reports
cis-pat This is a list for CIS Project Awareness and Tracking.
cis-pat-ups-trackpad Participants in the PAT Project UPS TrackPad Installation and Configuration
CIS-PMAB BIS Pipeline Management Advisory Board
CIS-Redhat-Customer-Portal CIS Redhat Customer Portal
cis-sqlserver-alerts This is a list for ANL MS SQL Server Alerts.
cis-sqlserver-developers CIS SQL Server Service Developers.
cis-storage-admins This is a list for managers of CIS back-end storage (SAN and NAS) devices.
cis-storage-alerts This is a list for alerts relating to CIS back-end storage (SAN and NAS) devices.
cis-svn-trac-admins SVN and Trac Admins
cis-sysadmins This is a list for CIS System Administrators.
CIS-Technical-Domain-Experts CIS Technical Domain Experts
cis-telecom-admins This is a list for CIS Telecom Administrators.
cis-unix-admins CIS Unix Admins
cis-virtualization-admins CIS Virtualization Admins
cis-virtualization-alerts CIS Virtualization Alerts
cis-wiki-admins Wiki Admins
cis-windows-admins CIS Windows Admins
ciswin-transmit This is a transmittal list for CIS Windows infrastructure changes.
CLS-Eq-Cust Machine, Tool & Equipment Custodians - CLS ALD
cnm-hpc-announce CNM High Performance Computing - Announcements to users/staff
cnm-hpc-discuss CNM High Performance Computing - User discussions
comsol-svn Developers and users of the COMSOL SVN repository
controlledburns This is a list for announcing controlled burns in the forest preserve.
coral-news This is a list for Chemical Management news.
cosmo-hep HEP Cosmology Group
CosmoJobs Cosmo Jobs
cpi-users This is a list for CPI users.
CRM Argonne Lab-Wide Customer Relationship Management News
CS-Eq-Cust Machine, Tool & Equipment Custodians - Central Shops
Ctrstratsec Center for Strategic Security personnel
dart-svn DART SVN Repository
DEEI-Workgroup Designated Electrical Equipment Inspectors Working Group
Division-Records-Coordinators Assign Division Records Coordinators
divisional-publications-representatives PANDA Divisional Publications Representatives
ECAB This is a list for the CIS Emergency Change Advisory Board.
edc-council Enterprise Data Center Council
edc-operations Enterprise Data Center Operations
EDC-Planning Enterprise Data Center Planning
education Argonne Educators
EGS-Eq-Cust Machine, Tool & Equipment Custodians - EGS ALD
EGS-Ew-Cust Eyewash Station Custodians - EGS ALD
electrical-safety-committee ANL Electrical Safety Committee
envcomp envcomp
Eracent-Mgrs-transmit Automated Messages from Eracent Servers
ESB-Building-Users Users of Building 241
EVS-HPC EVS High Performance Computing News
EVS-Linux-Admins EVS Division Linux Administrators
EVS-MDRG EVS - Manuscript Development and Review Group
EVS-Staff Staff for the EVS Division
exchange-admins This is a list for ANL Exchange administators.
exchange-consolidation-wg Laboratory Exchange Consolidation Working Group
exchange-consolidation-wg-notify Laboratory Exchange Consolidation Working Group Notification
Ferro-Workshop Argonne Workshop on Fundamental Physics of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials
footprints-admins FootPrints Admins
fossil_energy This is a list for the fossil energy program at ANL.
fundraising-240 This is a list for Building 240 Fundraising Activities.
gis-core core group that is responsible for Argonne's Enterprise GIS systems & services
gitlab-users gitlab-users
greencommute greencommute
heating-svn Developers and users of the HEATING SVN repository
hep-seminars HEP Seminar Announcements
high-perf-data-txfer Discussion group for high performance network data transfer at ANL
hockey-club This is a list for the Argonne Hockey Club.
ihw_itadmins IT admins mailing list created from IHW roles
industrial-partners This is a list for ANL industrial partners.
ipad-users-community This is a list for CIS iPad Users Community.
it-arg This is a list for the IT Architecture Review Group.
itsm-pow IT Service Management Process Owners
ITSM-Snow ServiceNow support team
itsm-sow IT Service Management Service Owners
Jhq-d40 JHQ D40
mail-admins announcements/discussions among ANL e-mail admins
Maintenance-Stakeholders Maintenance Weekend Communications with Stakeholders
makxsf-svn Developers and users of the MAKXSF SVN repository
mcnp-svn Developers and users of the MCNP SVN repository
mcode Developers and users of the MCODE SVN/Trac instance
metasys Metasys System Communications
midicloud investigation of using clouds to support mid-scale scientific computing
MonthEndNotify WDF Month End Notify Mailing List
msdpostdocseminar Materials Science Postdoc Seminar series
Msp-ops-gov MSP Operations Governance
Msp-perf-gov MSP Performance Governance
Msp-strt-gov MSP Strategic Governance
native-american-indian-club This is a list for the Native American Indian Club.
NCM Network Configuration Manager Service alert/alarm list
ndt-admins This is a list for Network Diagnostic Tool administrators.
necat-news Northeastern Collaborative Access Team at the Advanced Photon Source
NGS-connect NGS Connection Archive.
njoy-svn Developers and users of the NJOY SVN repository
NPM Network Performance Monitor Service alert/alarm list
nshs List for the ANL National Security/Homeland Security Community.
nst-seminar-journal NST Division Seminar Announcements
NSupdate Argonne National Security Update
offsite-lunch This is a list for Offsite lunches with CIS and other Argonne employees and alumni.
OpportunitiesNewsletter Opportunities Newsletter
Ops-Eq-Cust Machine, Tool & Equipment Custodians - OPS & OTD ALD
origen-svn Developers and users of the ORIGEN SVN repository
ORPS-Summary Daily ORPS Summary
outage This is a list for announcements of IT outages.
paret-svn Developers and users of the GTRI PARET SVN repository
PCHelps-Tips This is a list for PCHelps Tips & Tricks Emails.
pktreat-svn PKTREAT Repository
pltemp-svn Developers and users of PLTEMP_SVN repository
portal-project This is a list for the web portal project.
postdoc-events PostdocProgramEvents
Print-Contract-POCs Print Contract POC List
prs-list This is a list for ANL publication handlers.
PSC-Eq-Cust Machine, Tool & Equipment Custodians - PSC ALD
PSE-Eq-Cust Machine, Tool & Equipment Custodians - PSE ALD
r2a2-enrollment-admins R2A2 Enrollment Administrators
Racquetball Mailing list for Racquetball enthusiasts at Argonne
Rebuspc-SVN Developers and users of the RTRC REBUSPC SVN repository
recycle recycle
relap-svn Developers and users of the RELAP SVN repository
resmgr-devs Resource Manager application developers
resmgr-system Resource Manager Admins
sacmgb Service Asset and Configuration Management Governance Board
scada-wg SCADA Systems List
scriptmonitor-users Mailing list for users that use the scriptmonitor application
Service-Delivery-Managers Email list: Service-Delivery-Managers
service-management-operations Service Management Operations
Service-Managers-BIS Email list: Service-Managers-BIS
Service-Managers-ESHQ Email list: Service-Managers-ESHQ
Service-Managers-FMPS Email list: Service-Managers-FMPS
Service-Managers-IS Email list: Service-Managers-IS
servicenow-info ServiceNow Announce list
sharepoint-admins This is a list for ANL SharePoint Server admins.
sis-sig Surface/Interface Scattering Special Interest Group
Speakers-Bureau Argonne Speakers Bureau participants
Spectrum Discussion group for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies
star-ccm-svn Developers and users of the STAR-CCM SVN repository
star-cd-svn Developers and users of the STAR-CD SVN repository
star-users STAR-CD and STAR-CCM users
Stat Developers and Users of the STAT Repository
storagegrid-users storagegrid-users
strategy-gaming-club This is a list for Argonne Strategy Gaming Club.
sustainability sustainability
sustainability-core This is a list for Sustainability Program Team Leads.
swineflu Mailing list for employee questions regarding swine flu
telecomdata-transmit This is a transmittal list for telecom data servers. {CISXMIT}
telephone-cc-managers This is a list for ANL Telephone Cost Center Managers.
telephonecoordinators This is a list for ANL Telephone Coordinators.
tracc-dev This is a list for the TRACC Development Team.
TRACC-discuss This is a list for TRACC user community discussions.
TRACC-faculty This is a list for TRACC faculty sponsors.
TRACC-notify This is a list for notifications of TRACC cluster updates.
TRACC-staff This is a list for TRACC staff.
TRACC-students This is a list for TRACC student collaborators.
tracc-support User trouble reporting for TRACC cluster
TRACC-users This is a list for users of the TRACC cluster.
TREKIN Developers and users of the TREKIN repository
vesta-svn Developers and users of the VESTA SVN repository
veterans veterans
Veterans-Connect Veterans Connection Archive
Virus-Info Virus Reporting
w2ktest This is a list for Windows Server testing.
Water-Research Water-Research
Water-SCADA Water SCADA System Communications
web-conference-users Users of Argonne's Web Conferencing Service. {ANLPUBIT}
web-conferencing This is a list for web-conferencing.
webconference-admins This is a list for ANL WebConference Admins.
Webmaster Argonne Public Website Webmasters
WIMS-ANL-SVN Developers and users of the RTRC WIMS_ANL SVN repository
wisttalk Women-in-Science Newsletter/Discussions
wpc-sme-notify Work Planning and Control Subject Matter Expert Notification
wpc-wpc-notify This is a list for Work Planning and Control SME & ESH Coordinator Notification.
WSClist Forum
XSDSpare Spare Parts Request System

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